Volunteering in the ReStore

While builds and swinging a hammer are exciting, it’s the ReStore that is the face of Habitat 365 days of the year. ReStore volunteers are a very special kind of volunteer, showing up for 4 or 8 hour shifts week after week throughout the year. Without these folks, we wouldn’t be able to complete Habitat’s mission or offer the services that we do to our ReStore customers.

Here’s a chance to make new friends and satisfy your curiosity about some of the really interesting items that come into the ReStore on donation. It takes a special kind of volunteer to work in the ReStore. It takes someone who can look at a donated refrigerator or lamp and see instead a new home for a family in need. By volunteering at the ReStore, you’re helping with the always difficult task of fundraising. The role of the ReStore is, first, to cover the costs of running Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties. That way, we can be sure that every single penny given to us by donors well and truly goes into building a home. Through the generosity of the ReStore’s patrons, we not only cover the costs of running the affiliate, but — and here’s the ReStore’s very important second role— we are able to get a good running start on funding the building of those homes.

That double benefit is all down to the hard work and astonishing dedication of our ReStore volunteers who come back week after week because they so believe in our mission to eliminate substandard and poverty housing.

ReStore Retail Operation…

  • Retail sales
  • Refurbishing materials
  • Re-purposing damaged goods
  • Display and merchandising
  • Receiving and pricing
  • Customer service
  • Warehousing
  • Assembly of merchandise
  • Research for manuals and prices
  • Picking up donations
  • Fundraising and public awareness
  • Safety procedures

Volunteer Now!

All interested individuals must complete the Volunteer Application Form.

Please fill out our volunteer application below and send to breckyn@habitatcornwall.org or drop off your completed form at our ReStore during regular business hours.

Volunteer Application Form