07 October 2014

HOME DEDICATION (The Standard-Freeholder, Oct 7th, 2014)


Article and Photo by Lois-Ann Baker

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Habitat Family grateful

Emotions ran high on Monday as the Mondoux family welcomed Habitat for Humanity volunteers into their new home on Larin Avenue.

“I think I’m still in shock,” said Jennifer Mondoux. “I don’t believe it’s mine. It’s brand new.”

Mondoux said they was a long time getting there, and the move was hard, but it was all worth it.

“I love looking outside and seeing the trees,” she said. “We love it here.”

Mondoux said the new house allowed each of her three girls, Aleksandra, Gracieanne and Rhiannon to have their own room and already she is seeing a difference.

“Rhiannon had a hard time sleeping through the night, so I had to sleep in her bed with her, or she would sleep in mine,” said Mondoux. “Once we moved here, she doesn’t wake up at all. She sleeps in her own bed.”

The family has been in the house since Wednesday, Oct. 1, and on Monday they held an open house to thank Habitat and all the volunteers who made the house possible.

Executive director of Habitat for Humanity Leigh Taggart said this was the 11th house the SD&G chapter has built, making homes for 11 families, including 28 children.

Taggart said the open house was scheduled Monday to coincide with World Habitat Day, the first Monday in October.

“It (World Habitat Day) is intended to remind us we have the power and ability to shape the future of our cities and towns,” she said.

Taggart reminded everyone of the two differences between owning a Habitat home and buying one on the market, the down payment and the mortgage.

Habitat families are expected to put in so many hours volunteering for the organization as “sweat equity” in the home and the mortgage itself is held by Habitat for Humanity at a 0% interest rate.

A teary Mondoux thanked everyone involved for all the help in making their new home

“I want to thank everyone who put in their time and hard work,” she said. “It’s beautiful, thank you so much.”

“Don’t cry, you’re going to make me cry,” said nine-year-old Gracieanne.

They weren’t the only ones to shed tears. Eleven-year-old Aleksandra also thanked all the volunteers for their time and effort.


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